Ambulatorio Dentistico Santa Maria S.R.L.

Sede Legale: Via Vittorio veneto, 66 - 00035 Roma

P.Iva 16121091009

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During this first visit for your dental consultation, you will get to know our team of doctors, the friendly and pleasant staff, as well as the modern facilities of the clinic, which give us the opportunity to promise you the best and high-quality dental treatment.
We offer you the possibility of carrying out a specialized professional consultation, during which you will be presented with the treatment options, concretized in the Treatment Plan, which contains the recommended interventions, structured by phases, duration and associated costs.

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The first totally free visit includes:

Clinical examination performed by a specialistPresentation of a presumptive diagnosisExplanation of the treatment in generalDevelopment of the Personalized Treatment Plan (structured on treatment phases, costs, estimate of the duration of the treatment)

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